Just Go Away

When you stopped loving me
I hid my love deep inside
Oh how I tried forget you
Oh how I tried to hide

But every so often
I awaken from the dream
with you lying next to me
and I awaken and scream

I listen to old songs
And look at photographs
But then I want to see you
Just to hear you laugh

The memories in my mind
The pictures in my head
Make me wish I wasn’t alone
How I wish you were in my bed

I know our marriage is over
But I still see you in my mind
I see you holding my hand
While we are starting unwind

I could swear I feel you
Your breath upon my face
If I closed my eyes, I see
You right here in your place

I know that it is over
That my memories are just that
Something to remember
When am old and fat

You said love – but didn’t mean it
You said forever – but meant today
You don’t know how to share your heart
So leave me be and just go away

by G00dy2 Shoes

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