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Just Go Away

Just Go Away

Indignant you sit

“Hot under the collar” as

Bad mood rising leads to

“Don’t go away mad…

…Just go away”…..you say

But we are going away

Slowly melting from your memory

21 April 2008

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This certainly may be a short poem, but has big meanng. I sense a lot of hurt and anger here, one should possibly remove themselves fom the situation, analyse it, get help and try their best to work it out. Melvina
Some times it's best to go your Separate ways, you've said all there is to say, it's time to call it a day... Andy xx 10
Lil sis, a sad write so clearly expressed. I have a feeling I know the story behind this poem. Top marks and thanks for sharing it Lil sis. Big Bruv
A really capturing though sad write JoAnn and you have executed it very well! ! ! *10*! ! Best always, Friend Thad