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Just His Whim
JGA (16 December 1943 / Nottingham)

Just His Whim

Poem By Jonathan Goldman a.k.a JGthepoet

We make our plans,
We do our deeds,
As we try onwards to succeed,
To live our Lives,
And in G-d trust,
Hour by hour for Us is a must.
From waking moment,
Till time for bed,
From time of birth,
Until we are dead.
For Life’s daily tasks
By HIM have been planned,
The reasons at times,
We don’t understand.

Whichever route we go each day,
Will lead along HIS planned way,
A way that is peaceful, calm and serene,
Hardships and troubles will not intervene,
But keep us safe, and mindful of HIM,
Whose creation of Us, may have been a whim.

© Jonathan Goldman [JGthepoet] - 27 July 2004

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