Just How I Feel

Poem By tre jones

she more than my friend she suposed to be my wife
but the way im livin i might mess up her life
i dont want that so she got to find mr.right
because the way im headed its all dark no lights
and i cant brang her through the evil when she is so bright
smart beautiful intelligent and she is priceless
im down here but she is higher than a kite
i got to keep her on that path and thats the path of right
if she hang around me theres a lot of negative she will see
and she is to sufisticated to be exposed to the streets
even though i love her the way she loves me
like jsmine sullivan said its not meant to be
im not trying to be her dad but she doesnt need a G
she need a man who doing something with more than a highschool degree
i know that might sound funny but im no dummy
if i feel somethings wrong im gone say something
she deserves the world and im going to give her all
and first i feel she need a man with more to offer

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