~just How Much I Miss You.~

must be the way you write..
must be the way you talk to me..
must be the way you make me laugh.
must be all the things you do..
that makes me miss you!

today i seem to be wandering,
in the streets with my mind filled with your thoughts.
your words..
the little things we say to each other.

your words fill me with joy,
and happiness.
we never had a dull moment.
our conversations are more exciting then the 4th of july.
we seem to be given each other nicknames that no one in this world would want, but us.
but i gotta say i love it.

your a bit mean, or abusive i should say, (only on person knows what i mean lol)
but its keeps a smile on my face.

i remember every word you say...
its replays in my mind over time..

as i listen to my music in my morning jog...
you come to my mind..
i miss you!

by Dislocated Heart

Comments (3)

aww i love it. its so sweet, good job.
i love it. its so sweet and cute. wonderful job.
awww... lol, funny that was great justin, no lie ur gifted and thanx btw (you know why) lol i loved it, its really touching i was touched lol same difference thanx again -kerlie