Just How Much You Hurt Me

Poem By Isaak DeMaio

I cannot leave here, I cannot stay
Trapped in my mind, doubt begins to prey.
I cannot wait here, I'm wasting away,
dreaming so vividly, the first day of May.
Let me be, I don't want to hear,
sudden movements, you disappear.
Knock on the door, refuse to open my ears,
Are you listening? You're not coming in clear.
I'd show a smile, but it'd be fake,
If I were to speak, I'd make a mistake.
Falling asleep, I may not awake,
vehicle speeding, too late to brake.
Lifeless on the ground, look up to the skies,
hole in my heart, shot down by lies.
Terrified by information, my insides begin to die,
Viscous raptures, defeated by your surmise.
I cannot elude, too many chances you blew,
name of honesty,  every truth you skew.
Life lived once, there is no undo,
See how much? Just how much you...
... hurt me.
Just how much you hurt me.

Comments about Just How Much You Hurt Me

Deep feelings well articulated and nicely embellished in poetic rhyme. Passionate outcry, very heartfelt. Thanks for sharing Isaak.

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