...& Just Ignore...

When you know that some people hate you
Doesn’t it kill you inside?
When you know they don’t want to see you
And every time you’re near they just hide
To them you’re nothing
Because of your nationality and race
That even they insult you
directly infront of your face
And you ask yourself
Why do people behave in such a way?
And you try to figure out the words
But realize that there’s nothing else to say
Did you ever find it hard to ignore
But every time you’re near they just talk about you more and more
About how your nationality and religion are wrong
And how they make you feel as if you don’t belong
Some people don’t deserve to be alive
And you know that their sins are mounting every day
And later you realize that it kills them inside
When you ignore them and just walk away…

by Marria Attar

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hmmm great thoughts............well penned
A Great Work of Contemporary Essential Message to the World, Thank You Maria for the meaningful Poem, Wishing You and Family a Very Happy New Year Like Your Dreams In your Poem,
I enjoyed your poem.. Thank you for sharing it..