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Just Imagine...............

Some of us look at the present state of this world
And wish things could be different
We imagine the way the world should be
We visualize and hypothesize - it is possible

Imagine the whole world speaking one language
Then, there will be no need for translators
Everybody will understand each other
no matter where they live on planet earth
One language will reduce racial discrimination
and facilitate movements across national borders

Just imagine the entire world using one currency
The need to convert dollars into yen will vanish
or ask – how many euros equals one renminbi
or wonder how many pesos equals one rupee
and speculate how many rands equal one riyal
All the folks in foreign exchange departments
will do something else in the financial market
apart from tracking the rise and fall of
money markets and its influence on stock markets

Just imagine the super rich taking more care
of the poor, the needy, and the unemployed
Then, the homeless will disappear from our roads
The beggars will vanish from our streets
An egalitarian society will be in the making

Just imagine free education at all levels
Then, everybody will be able to develop their
talents and natural endowments to the maximum
Scholars will not be burdened with heavy
student loans for the rest of their lives
They will think of better ways to improve the
society rather than think how to pay back loans

Do you feel all the above imaginations are mere dreams?
Who knows tomorrow! Some dreams have turned into reality
in our life-time. Please stay happy and be optimistic.

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wonderful, yet probably (at least some if not all) fanciful thoughts. but, yes, perhaps tomorrow? ? before mankind goes the way of the dinosaurs? not likely in my humble opinion. i rarely, if ever, feel HAPPY. I'M CONTENT with feeling content a large part of the time, though i confess i'm ready to die anytime a cause comes along. i am not depressed, but i've had enough and hope my passing will help others who remain. now i'll put yours on mypoemlist and then see what i can discover about you on poemhunter (without going to too much trouble) . thanks for sharing.