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Just Imagine A New Society!

Just imagine the people eating the right and correct foods at all times
Frequency to the hospitals for minor sickness will be greatly reduced
Many of human illnesses will disappear and vanish
The less number of patients the doctors have to look after
The more time they will have to conduct research
The medical expenditure of the government will be drastically reduced
The savings from medical expenditure can be channeled into education

Imagine free medical services and benefits for all the citizens
Self-medication because of poverty will come to an end
The poor and the rich will have equal access to medical facilities
Many will stop suffering in silence for inability to pay medical fees
And the citizens will feel that the government is actually for the people

Just imagine more and more people using public transportation
The number of motor accidents will be severely reduced
There will be less pollution from motor vehicle emissions
The less pollution will eventually lead to cleaner air
The cleaner the air, the better and healthier the environment

Imagine everybody regarding their neighbors as a member of their family
Everyone will become each others brothers and sisters
Hatred and dislike will be on their way to disappear from our midst
More caring and kindness will be evident in all places
Mutual compassion and thoughtfulness will revolutionize our society
A brand new friendly and benevolent society will be in the making

Just imagine single people discovering their soul-mates before marriage
The word called – divorce will be on its way out of our society
Marital ecstasy and happiness will be apparent in all places
Children will be happy living with their fathers and mothers
Divorce lawyers will ultimately move into corporate and civil laws

A brand new society cannot be legislated into existence
The responsibility for a brand new society is on all of us
What part are you going to play to make it happen?
Please enjoy your life, eat right and stay happy

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