Just Like That, I Want To See You

One part of the song I sing
This morning in lovely moment
Vermillion in her forehead she comes
The cool dew sweet rhythm with
This is the morning, Which I love
Like foreign voice, The birds greeting to
Flock of parrots, Go over the top of her head
Recognise this morning all to
River's high land snail now climbing upward
And the beach in high land crocodile, Flightless birds plays
Himalaya snow over head carry the load
Very beautiful to see
Nature has now washing away the dew
On the wings of time warp
You in the morning, As I want
Ah your pretty hair open by
Peace out cool smiling your smile
I am seeing you, To wash away
Holy open on your feet
Lover your heart in the middle
Blossomy on your beautiful face
Just like that, I want to see you
Morning you come again and again

by Ronjoy Brahma

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