SM (May 7,1957 / Swaziland)

Just Like The Way Vincent Wrote It

Sounds like you could come to my rescue,
and write a note to time. Tell the truth
that I still love like the sunshine. Like
Vincent did when he emptied the ink well
on paper just to tell me that truth those
seemingly past years of long ago.

Smudges all over that love letter. The moon saw my happiness for I read it under
the stars. Come now and rescue me for you
bear the smile of long ago that made me shiver even more like the reeds at our well.

Sounds like your voice awakens tunes forgotten by my ears but remembered
by my heart for their sweetness rare.
This sight of ducks on a river stops
nothing from catching my dreams in their

So tall you were that the gum trees that
stood in shaded areas, like dark shadows
also read the love letter. Then in mockery
claimed to be my parents peeping
in between them at our love spot. Here where love was our marijuana. Run we did
for we were young and agile. Only Vincent
and his short steps end up falling and breaking the ink pot in his pocket. Now
we have shortened the love letter. The
night too for the bed hour remains a soundly hour. Surely you have brought
good news to my ears. Your height says it
all, tall joyous looks also say it.

by Sarah Mkhonza

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