Just Livin' Life

The film is rolling,
the backdropp pleasing to the eye.

The actors acting,
going through the motions.

Laughing, crying,
fainting and fearing.

Yet all for what?

The movie premiers,
and movie stars are born.

Admired and Adored,
envied by all.

Fancy cars,
living in mansions.

They seem to have the life,
but they don't.

Act all you want,
but that's all it is, acting.

You can make love in bed,
with an acting partner.

But is that nearly as satisfying,
as a goodnight kiss to your spouse?

Enjoying life,
and all Earth's gifts.

Arguing pointless arguments,
with friends at lunch.

Getting frustrated over homework,
scrambling at the last minute.

Notre Dame trips,
just me and Dad (and sometimes Trey)

These are the times I treasure,
this is the life I want.

So what will I do with this one wild and precious life I have?
Just live it.

Too many people are trying to be something they're not.
But they should stop comparing who they are to who they want to be.

Because if they do that,
then they too are just acting.

Too many people get caught up in their lives,
when really they gotta relax, and enjoy what life they have.

They have to appreciate themselves,
and just be themselves in all situations.

After all,
an original is always better than a copy.

So don't be an actor starring in your own personal movie,
the movie of your life.

You only have one,
so don't act.

Live your life,
just live it.

(12 Jan.2009)

by Melissa Wagner

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That's really getting it out - BRAVO