Just Look At Their Folly

My heart itches me

like burning fire of the sun

when I hear ‘em declare

that we knew nothing at all, at all.

Proudly, they beat their drummy chests

like a jubilating chimpanzee

to tell us with their filthy fingers at us

that we’re nothing before they came to us.

They boast’d that we had no scept’r;

we had no locomotive metallic monst’rs;

we had no designers to cov’r our raw flesh.

But they’ve fail’d to know

that our land gave ‘em their riches today;

that our ways were to us very much absorb’d;

that people’s rule was born first in our land;

that our locomotive metallic monst’rs were our animals

which needed ev’n no oil to move;

that our clothes were natural,

coming from our fig trees and our animals.

We must let them know

that we absorb now some of their ways

just not because our aged ways are bad,

but to show that the world is still one.

by Eche Ononukwe

Comments (1)

You really are a good teacher Eche. All generations need to learn the truth about how nations have treated other nations and the false status that so many people wear and look down on others. It is so horrible the way that some countries have been ruined in many areas and they call it a good thing. Man has so many things to learn about how to treat eachother and love and help our brothers and sisters all over the world without taking away anything......Easy to say, but can only change the future.... Jim Troy