HP (08-07-1975 / Kansas)

Just Look Me In The Eye

Just look me in the eye

unclothed and bare
an open landscape
empty canvas
with brushes ready to paint

awkward and unsure
both hearts beat
taking another breath
another sip of wine

hands start to reach and grope
like a farmer testing produce
our bodies start to meld
like melting colored wax
intermingled in heat

both looking for an escape
a release from loneliness
two convicts on the run
looking for a safehouse
trying to find comfort
like a hobo finds rum

each touch brings yearning
a little closer to the goal
each touch brings hope
a little closer to the goal
yet..each touch brings doubt

thoughts betray our touch...

she wonders

should we go fast or slow
soft or hard
i want to look sexy
i want him to want me
i want this to be special
please don't let my past betray me
let me...just this once
have this moment
tell him thru my actions of my thirst
show him my passion i will
i will give in to his wants
if i can just let go
please let me not remember other nights
i hope he is thinking of just me at this moment
i can do those things that haunt me
for him i will try
don't let me feel like i am just another one
i need this to be real
let him believe me
let him understand
i am letting go of my thoughts
i am here
please open your eyes
just look at me...

he wonders

maybe i am being too soft and slow
i should probably go rough and hard
i want to impress her
i hope she knows i am trying
please don't let her be thinking of someone else
let her be right here with me
i hope i am big enough
i will do what she wants me to
all she need do is ask
i want to fullfill her fantasies
she looks distant
i can try harder
i can do better
let her understand i want her
let her know i am only with her
i hope she understands
if she would only open her eyes
just look at me...

both with eyes wide shut
keep praying for the other to open
to see..

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Mary Elizabeth Frye

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