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Just Lost
KK Kiele Kane ( / )

Just Lost

Stepping out,
looking down,
sounds of fear,
all around.
Walking faster,
start to run,
where am i going,
has it begun.
Running water,
flowing blood,
sounds of thunder,
here comes the flood.
Where am I,
can you seem me,
am i dreaming,
i can not see.
Passing strangers,
which one will it be,
im so hungery,
let them come to me.
Lost and stranded,
no way out,
head a throbing,
I begin to shout.
Sitting silently,
watching here,
wondering if,
anyone grows near.
Running water,
ripping skin,
lighting flashing,
here it goes again.
Can you see me,
will i be found,
waiting here,
laying on the ground.
I am lost,
thats who i am,
alone as i stand,
Just Lost thats who i am.

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