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Just Love Me

If you love me, just love me
But, love me for whom I am,
Don't love me for the person you want me to be
But, love me for what you see, as that is who I am;
If I lose too much weight, please love me
And if I gain too much weight, love me that much more,
When I make mistakes please try to forgive me;
Isn't that, what love is for?
I will walk at your side wherever you might go
We will be partners together until the end of our days,
Proudly, I will hold you in my heart and my soul
And unto love and you, I will always give it my praise;
I have dreamt of a love from the day that I was born
As my soul and I was crafted from such a love,
Now I wish to find my love that will last me forever
The love; that only poets have always spoken of.
Though at first we all are attracted by looks
Just think though, looks only causes people to wish and stare,
Remember I or you, we will not always be young
And we might not always have our teeth, or even our hair;
Love me, for my soul and what's within me
Don't love me, for what's in my wallet or my pocket,
Remember that the soul and not the body is forever
And true love hangs forever, upon the stars like a locket.

Randy L. McClave

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