Just Love Me As Me

There’s a time of day
Before we sleep
Or when awakening
When all our thoughts are innocent
And free of many things
Like guilt and blame and anger too
We lie and we just dream
We feel a calmness in our lives
And problems do not seem
As bad as what we thought before
We wear a smile with thought
For so many times we fool ourselves
With ‘should’ rather than ‘ought’
We cannot make another act
As if they were ourselves
Nor countenance obedience
Beyond what we can tell
The time is ripe!
The moment’s now!
The past must be forgiven!
For otherwise those thoughts of yours
Will be forever sadness driven
I love you more than my own self
I love you totally
I want you to return that love
Just love me as me.

by David Keig

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The innocence of a child is borne throughout our lives... We choose so few times to recognise it though... Would you recognise the giving that could be called in all other areas love but which is just the innocents of the child.... Alison