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Just Loving You

Love me deeply,
The way that I love you,
You occupy
The estuary of my soul,
Where all love does flow,
For what else could I do?
But to love you and only you,
Love that is forever due,
From which I regain life,
Just by loving you.

by Sandra Feldman

Comments (3)

That is very sweet. I like the imagery of the estuary of the soul. Love is everything. Love and life overflowing.
One tiny word word can mean so much. In your poem here it is the word j-u-s-t. When I read the title I immediately thought Oh, this is a poem about the centrality of love in a person's life - how that trumps everything else. And that's exactly what the poem itself reinforced. In the last line you put just at the beginning of the sentence and now it cinches the last five lines which express the most wonderful gratitude. Your poem quietly but firmly affirms Love. I thought of the very last line in the Beatles medley on ABBEY ROAD: THE LOVE YOU TAKE IS EQUAL TO THE LOVE YOU GIVE. Amen to that!
Yes, we gain more by loving than by being loved.