Just Me

I want to forget myself,
to just be free of... everything.
To hang up all my mortal cares.
To, without thinking, just be me.

We danced that night, more than once.
The first was so restrained and tense,
your eyes showed caution, mine showed fear,
unspoken words hung heavy there.

But the next dance I forgot
all that was, is, and will be
and for that moment... I was free.
You were just you and I was me.

For only a while music
and movement were all that mattered.
For a second all was loosed
and every burden shattered.

You clasped my hand but not too tight.
I held yours, gentle and light.
Nimbly we moved, quick with glee.
You were just you and I was me.

My face alit, my smile so real.
Your eyes untroubled, your face free.
Our feet as they danced did declare:
You are just you and I am me.

by Beth Culley

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