Just Mom

There sits "my mom" with graying hair
I wonder "who" could have put it there?
It takes a lot of experience in living
A little of taking -- a lot of giving
I'm glad I was on the taking end
Of all the love and understanding of my "special friend"
You see, Moms aren't always fussy and stern
But it's one of the things we must learn
They're also willing to listen and quite understanding
Also great at ideas and advise handling
She's "Chief Cook and Bottle Washer" in her domain
With pots and pans -- mops and brooms she reigns
She'll bake a cake and cook a roast
Make a fancy pastry -- yet burn the toast
She's a Carpenter nailing down that loose board
An Electrician fixing an iron's broken cord
A Plumber unstopping the kitchen sink
Replacing a spigots washer -- quick as a wink
A Gardener mowing grass and rosebush trimming
Yes, she is "Jack of all Trades" -- talents over brimming
Yet she has time out for loving and fuss
I'm sure real glad God gave her to us.

by Anna Helen McDonald

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Anna, Other than the gray, I hope that you gave her a copy of this!