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Just Moments To Become Friends
RF (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)

Just Moments To Become Friends

I saw a man just yesterday, he looked very sad and alone.
I asked him how his day was he just smiled and looked at the floor.
I did not know him, nor had I seen him before.
But in my heart he looked like he needed just alittle something more.
So I walked to him slowly and he just happen to glance my way.
He said 'Don't be frighted my child, I'm harmless in all ways'

I felt kind of silly and sat down to talk to him thinking he needed a friend.
We chatted for hours on until the trian came around again.
I watched him leave as he waved good-bye and new I'd done something right.
For in his heart I'd found his soul and managed to spark the light.
He looked different as he walked away a kind of sway in his step.
I went to pick up my bags and turned to for just one more glance.
He was gone, all but vanished in the air.

I ask the lady beside me if she saw were the man went.
She looked at me alittle crazy and got up and walked away.
I thought in that moment I had gone crazy and sat back down for a sec.
Beside were the man sat was a simple red rose and a note that said Thank You,
And I cried just from those two words.

Much later I learned he was a homeless man who lived all alone on the tracks,
The only problem was he died some 100yrs back.

My husband still laughs to this day when I tell him of my tale.
But I'll always remember my friend and just that moment we shared.

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