Just My Size

Sitting here,
Looking N2 your eyes.
I have a new favorite color.
The shape of your lips...
Should b taught 2 children as they learn of other shapes.
Unlike most men...
I care about what come out from b'tween them.
Getting a mental erection...
B'tween your thoughts and dreams.
Learning about your likes and dislikes.
Your joys and pains.
Seeing how that little girl,
b'came this beautiful woman b4 me.
When u walk...
causing traffic jams.
Turning men N2 lambs.
Watching those hips dance 2 the caribbean music playing n my head.
Leaving chalk lines on my visual asphalt.
After dinner...
As Mariah sings 'We b'long 2gether'.
Staring at the ceiling,
pretending we can see animal shape clouds.
When u r not around...
My thoughts r like a bowl of alphabet soup.
Closing my eyes...
Stirring up my thoughts.
It's your name, that's spelled out.
And just like Hanes Her Way.
I realized u r...

by m.karriem saleem

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