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Just One
Randy McClave ( / Ashland, Kentucky)

Just One

With one hand I held your hand
And with the other hand I held to my heart
As you are the one who made me complete
So never from you will I leave or part.
With one voice I said that I loved you
But not for just today but forever more
And with that same voice I said that I need you
As you are the happiness that I was looking for.
With one arm I held you to protect you
And with the other arm, for you it will provide
To give you all you need or what you might want
While defending you and keeping you at my side.
With these fingers they will write for you
They will speak of our love and also your beauty
And also so proudly they will wear your ring
As that will be their joy my pride and also my duty.
With one eye I will look forward towards our future
And with the other one it will be here for us today
Always together they will be wanting just to see you
As you are the always for which I had prayed.
With one brain you are always on my mind
With one soul you are all that i’ve got
With one memory you are all that I want to reminisce
And with one smile you are whom I had sought.
With my life to you alone I do give
With you at my side I shall forever go on
Woman may remember and man he might forget
But GOD will know that all it took was just one.

Randy L. McClave

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