Just One Leg

Poem By Chandrashekar a posy poet

If we were to have
Just One Leg:

How could we -
And sit

How about -
Climbing trees
Go up the hills
Cross the dales
Down the valleys

Even to go -

Forget about -
Horse riding
River rafting
And Skiing

Oh My God!
How could we -
Play Cricket,
Tennis, Shuttle,
Kabaddi, Kho Kho,
Football, Volleyball
Baseball, Basketball
Balls to them

The worst is how -
To play with Kids
Dance with pals
Dine with Girls
And romance with

Now let's look at
Probable solutions
We would have
To put up with -
A stick
Or learn to live with it
Or have an artificial leg
Made of Rubber,
Steel, Silver or Gold

Please don't curse me
Just went weird and wild
For a while in the night
Just like that.

Thank God
We have two legs!

Comments about Just One Leg

yes from your wild imagination we should thank god for creating us healthy and beautiful.........10
very scary imagination....i cant think abt it! ! ! ! ! ! Thank god really! ! ! But on second thought..'Hop-scotch' would have become a national game! ! ! ! where every one played without cheating! A write on the lighter side.....Thanks!
Finally, Thank God We have two legs! ! ! ! ! God has weighted all the pro and cons and provided us. even with one leg also one can achiever what two legs could not... it is HIS blessings for us... good rite sir...10 read mine o, lord....prayer
Imagination and creativity all spun together to make an insightful poem. regards N&N
Sometimes ifs and buts make one crazy! And you penbed down a crazy poem; an enjoyable one, indeed! !

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