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Just One More Day.....
RF (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)

Just One More Day.....

I remember the day that you left, we were both such a mess.
Tears being shed, good-byes being said.
We both wanted the other to know it would be ok.
But, somehow it worked out and you were on your way.

Just One More Day is what I keep telling myself.
And it seems to all but disappear.
Oh, it may return once in awhile but then I see your face.
And I know that no distance or time can ever erase.

Then my thoughs just drift to you and about what you must be going through.
And I just want to say it's ok you'll make it through.
These are the test in life, the one's will continue to wait for.
We just have to wait One More Day until the waiting becomes no more.

You are my rock and I am yours,
Together will support each other from here or port to port.
When all is said and done will be together again.
And it will be Just One More Day until I get to love you all over again.

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