AB (March 10,1920 / Asmara, Eritrea)


Place them here or there
A corner far removed from notice
Somewhere not to interfere
Warblers singing in the forest
Maybe use the forest wood for fire
Save the smoke for the mirrors
Not that it reflects a position
However chameleon like it seems
Use the wood to fuel the dreams
Since dreams are only delusions
Any press secretary can often dispel of
After we win.

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You're not 91. okay I'll enter 20 characters poemhunter, damn it! Are you really 91? Scott
yes, hot weather is over rated isn't it, you just lose the will to live. well done, this captures a moment in time we can all relate to in the summer. by the way, was it ' a hard day's night'! i'm a beatles fan. x
This is a great 'mood' poem. It encapsulates that feeling we all have sometimes when we are at a loose end and bored out of our minds. Good write, Arsiema. Keep 'em coming!
you are reading my mind....feel the same way....great meanderings....Vallerie