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Just One Sin

I do not rob and I will not ever steal
I donate money to help the poor to get their meal,
Never do I swear nor will I ever curse
My favorite readings has always been any Bible verse.
I am not bigoted or prejudice to any man
To help anyone, I will always do the best that I can,
I do not cheat and I will not ever lie
My acts or deeds will never bring a tear to my mother's eye.
Every night to the Lord I will always say my prayers
As l always worry about everyones needs and cares,
A Saint of course I never was, and I still am not
My own demons and temptations I have always fought.
I try to live the type of life that the Lord wants me to live
I always try to help others, and I don't care to give,
So, Lord this one question I ask you with shame and a slight grin
Could you please close your eyes, if I commit just one sin.
The sin that I want to commit is not from of hate, or evil, but for love
It's from the desires and needs you gave me from heaven above,
So, I will wait as in my prayers you will hear my plead and my petition
And then I will wait for either your denial, or your permission.
I do no like seeing any person hurt or used or being controlled
I do not like judgmental people who ridicule and mock and scold,
So, now I just want to better mine and another person's life
Lord, I would like to take without force or hate, another man's wife.

Randy L. McClave

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To help others. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.