Just Outside My Window

The wars of my fathers father,
kills in my sons battlefields
imagine that four generations of
tribulations. No angelic words
spoken for these men's ears
to hear

The slaves of a puppet masters
famine abuse hid from the masses
covered with a simpletons fancy, wide eyed
mouth agape, at strangers mind
corrupting misdeeds

Infestations lingers in the wombs
of our brothers and sisters. fallen to the
dusty earth. The scent of our ancestors
brought by way of the wind.
turned blind eye and simply an illusion.

Death stands on many of our own
street corners feeding the disease
The walking dead passes for the
living all the while their blood
poisoned, chased down by the
wolfs of the effects
sooner or later.

Global phenomenon toys with
societies way of life, still some
graze about our fertile mothers
essence blindly following
those we don't know into extinction
and it's all just outside my window.

by Daryl Hennix

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