*just People Watching The Brits...

“As Time Goes By”
Those Brits I have vision-ed
Constantly focus on
“Keeping Up Appearances”
And certainly Hyacinth believes
“To the Manor Born” is she…
The community of faithful
Seek spiritual guidance from
“The Vicar of Dibley”
And believe in the absolute dignity of
“All Creatures Great and Small”
They are frequently drunk on the
“Last of the Summer Wine”
And all find the facilities of
“Fawlty Towers” sometimes lacking
The Great “Doctor Who”
A renown steward of their
Moon, Stars and Sun
Will transport their worries in blink
And there is always someone
“Asking are YOU being Serve-d? ”
And if not …the servants
“Upstairs and Downstairs”
Are eager to please
Answering, “Oh yes sir
And pleeease Missus”
Then there is that matter
Of France and Katherine
And those Tennis Balls…
Gifts of Tennis Balls? ? ?
Or that sister-in-law
That goes about begging
For someone to
“Knock me up in the morning”
Well Henry the Fifth sure had that gift
But, then again…NOT
“Everyone Loves Raymond”
Just people watching the Brits…

(Mountaintop Cottage, Tennessee
July 20,2006)

by Debora Short

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I love Raymond Debora, and King of the Hill. A nice little run on British TV Comedy, don't forget Absolutely Fab! Smiling at you, TAi