Just Rambling Or Mike Prunicki

The Roman Roads from A to B.
Straight as a die uphill and down
the perfect route for infantry.
Which they deployed from town to town.

Though practical, lacked interest
The hidden ways the natives used
presumably they found the best
to avoid the Roman abuse.

The conquerors who sought to rule
could not subdue the savage tribes.
Their Emperor another fool
subsequent history describes.

Who bit off more than he could chew
and in the end had to retreat
As foreign armies often do
before their conquest is complete.

The Roman Roads a legacy
a tribute to their building skills.
They left behind reluctantly
returning to the seven hills.

I still prefer the winding ways
connecting quiet country towns.
To roads than run straight always
ignoring all the ups and downs.

The modern roads and motorways
though suited to our modern haste.
For them I have no word of praise
Because I have the time to waste.

I travel on my own two feet
I take my time enjoy the view.
There is no dead line I must meet.
I do not envy those who do


by ivor or ivor.e hogg

Comments (2)

Roads that run straight ignoring the ups and downs for them you have no words of praise? You travel on shank's mare meeting no deadlines and envy not those who run straight as a die? Great stuff!
perhaps 'from A to Z'? Nice write nonetheless