Just Random Qoutes And Sayings....

Im the kind of person who laughs at a joke 3 times
The 1st time when you tell it to me,
The 2nd time when you explain it to me,
Then 5 Min's later when i finally get it XD
..If you were looking for someone perfect,
you picked the wrong girl, go buy yourself a damn Barbie! ! !
Be afraid, be very afraid,
because i know your game and
i am willing to play it just as dirty as you!
isn't it funny how some people will make sly remarks
and give dirty looks from a distance,
but are too GUTLESS and COWARDLY to say it to your face?
When someone you love becomes a memory,
that memory becomes a wonderful treasure not to be forgotten.
is thinking she knows people who need to dye there hair blonde
to match there personality (you know who you are) xD
Someone told me to go to Hell. I said I can't. They asked why.
I told them Satan has a restraining order against me,
but I'd be happy to refer them instead.
You no that ur in love wen tht person is all you think about,
when they make u smile even thou their not there..
ur every waking breathe and thought is of them
My heart's been broken so many times its 99% glue: (
Wat kinda person says i luv u then lets u go like u mean nothing to them?
When I met u I was afraid to kiss u,
when I kissed u I was afraid to love u,
when I loved u I was afraid to lose u,
now that I lost u I am afraid to love again.
I hate bees okay? They're like little flying death monkeys!
People who want to screw around with my life better get ready
cuz I can screw around with theirs too. Be prepared!
my heart lies with the one that treats me right
and not the one that pretends too.
Break my heart, I break your neck. Any questions?
smile u make & hi say 2 wanted just I that out find u wen
irritating very it find may u..... CONFUSED? ? Now read it backwards..
As i look back on the memories we shared i SMILE and think of the good times,
but then i start to CRY as i realise that memories are all they'll ever be -----
I'll tell you my whole story,
I'll tell you with a twist,
I'll use my sharpest blade,
and write it on my wrist <3
If you asked me how many times you have been through my mind
I would say once. You never left<3
I now know I never knew...what happiness was 'til I met you....
you've touched my heart like no other...and now I need you more than ever.
if I say 'WATCH OUT for the pink polka dotted T-Rex behind you! ',
Would you look? ? ?
My attention span would be much longer if things weren't so damn shiny!
A true friend recognizes you for what you really are...
and doesn't call the mental hospital to have you committed!
Is wondering if the courts can sentence a homeless person to house arrest
In order to laugh at the expense of others,
you have to be able to laugh at yourself.
I get plenty of laughs at my own expense,
so everyone else is fair game!
A good friend is a connection to life - a tie to the past,
a road to the future, the key to sanity in a totally insane world...; -)
Don't bother arguing with a stupid person
Cause they drag you down to their level and win.
We love because its the only true adventure we will ever have


by Sunset Moonshine

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