Just Rats

Bowing down to muslim beliefs
Feasting or famine
Feeling no grief
Taking a hold on our honor and pride
Why are we evil?
God is great and Allah too
I wear the right shoe
You wear the left
Without my left shoe
The right shoe is left
When hungry I eat
Unleavened bread
When angry
On me do not tred
We are the future so they saidAnd like rats we breed
we plant a seed
Why don't we get along?
When we kill each other
Who is fed?
Not God Not Allah
But evil instead.

by John Shea

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Aloha John... I have enjoyed your post the evening... An agonizing question that many individuals cannot comprehend... As far back as humankind goes, the spilling of blood on the ground was considered the sacrifice for the highest of social orders... Blood sacrifice is endemic to the base nature of the human race... you have asked many poignant questions within the body of your post... Why are we evil? In general terms, we are simply a load of bad monkeys... scared, diminutive, and thoughtless creatures... and that is being specific! A bit of personal history may be necessary to muster together these comments made... I cut in with the best of men... Veterans from WWII, Korea, Viet Nam... Hard core, hate filled pirates of the universe... yet not one of these long ago fallen individuals ever lied to me... The bunch who have perverted the sacrifice of the best of our seed, These so described Rats, have for the past five decades or so... removed the basics of true humanity from all of the books... In a most profound retrospect, I long for the companionship of these men from my past, who pulled me off the beach and allowed me to experience the struggle of developing into a true human being... My put on the context of your words: Bowing down Feeling no grief When hungry (we) eat When angry we plant a seed... We are the future The right... is left And like rats we breed Who is fed our honor and pride When we kill (Both) God and Allah (cry) Thank you for this subjective work of words... and for the images which have refilled my thoughts and memories this eve... all of the best from this life, to you, and all of your relations... Michaelw1two.