MCP ( / Portugal)

Just Reflecting

Is there any war worth its aims and targets?
Shall we accept winners and losers
Keeping on fighting and threatening with continuous air strikes?

Do you really think this is a question of...
power, justice, bravery, and determination?

Do international leaders feel it as an accomplishment?
Do they end up feeling more tranquil
Just because UN has provided emergency relief?

Where's the strong will, mutual understanding,
and sensible spirit of cooperation?
Where's flexibility, respect for human rights,
and fair democracy to free every nation? !

Hundreds (or thousands) of lives have been destroyed;
Innocent people whose dreams have been buried!
Tell us why weren't they protected?

They would actually be the utmost witness
Amidst the rubble and ghosty scenery of distress! !

(July 2006)

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Making sense out of non-sense good work
An awesome, evocative write
Its all for money and thats a sadness, we need to go back a little we have become to greed, but this is a good poem Take care Roy.
Maria this is wonderful good write