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Just Saying, Thanks
(1965 / Abor, Volta Region, Ghana)

Just Saying, Thanks

thanks for being strength in my weakness
thanks for being hope in my despair
and mores, thanks for being there
when light walks away from the forest

along the long lonely snaking road
are cascading pike-peak thorns
they hurt the foot at where none can care
all you can hear are crickets singing their dirges
when we call for ululation to heal the hurts

when the sun rises as it usually does,
and the cock crows at the hour it can;
when the apostolic minister rings the church bells
and the congregation begins to sing the 'martins',
hear it again, it's me saying once again, many thanks.

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I liked this one a lot except I wondered if the first stanza could either be turned around to the last stanza or left out altogether? I like the line about crickets very much. Also...in that last line...I kept wanting to read it many thanks instead of my thanks...Just my thoughts. Doesn't mean I'm right. Good poem!