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Just Smile
KX (March 27 / Long Island, NY)

Just Smile

Poem By kathryn _xo

I walk up the stairs
That remind me where I still am
I hear you behind me
So I run, trying to get ahead
But you catch up everytime

I walk down the hallway
As we finally reach the door
You jump in front of me
As you walk in the room
My whole world stands still

You look in my eyes
I freeze, I can't move at all
Your eyes are green, now I know
I feel something in this moment
I know you can feel it too

You walk back to your desk
As I walk back to mine
The class looks at us like we're late
I sit down, I know you're looking
I wonder what 's on your mind

The teacher starts talking
I look back to catch your eyes again
But you look away everytime
I turn back around, I like this feeling
I bite my lip and just smile

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