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Just Some Things You Wont Take The Time To Listen To

I’m sorry I’m not perfect or the size you want me to be,
But I’ve learned to live with myself and except me for me.
Is my size the reason why you’ve been pulling away?
If it is why didn’t you say anything until today?
I’m not going to say that I’m fat when I know I’m not,
I’m only a size 7, but my self-esteem you continue to drop.
I’m sorry if I’m not a size one,
But at least I’m a women who can get things done.
If you didn’t see true love in me why didn’t you say it in the start?
You say it’s a joke, But you’ve already torn my heart.
I’ve done everything I could and still do everything I can,
But it’s like all you can do is sit back and watch,
leave me not knowing where I stand.
When we got together I never thought that things would change,
You once appreciated me for me, but now that’s all been rearranged.
All our laughter and cuddly nights,
Has turned into nothing but gossip and childish fights.
All I ask is for you to love me for who I am inside,
And be able to communicate, Instead of always trying to hide.
What happened to your words that seemed so pure and true?
What happen to our once a day “I Love You”?
Will things ever change back into our “Happy Times”,
I want to be back to the days when I was so sure you were mine.
There is nothing I want more than to build a life with you,
I just need your help to come out of what were going through.
When you really love someone you never let go,
You fight strong together, Even when things get low.
You love that person for who they are and the way they make you feel.
You show them that love ISN’T a game,
That this love is for real…

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Pablo Neruda

If You Forget Me

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Wonderful poem, what a way to capture in words what a thoughtless remark can make a woman feel, bravo, I give it a ten!