Just Something I Wrote

so much to hear

so much to see

i can see my life flashing in front of me

he said a quick goodbye

and was on his way with a small sigh

didnt think hed notice the tears from my eyes

i cried and cried

not knowing why

until i realized

he said goodbye

goodbye as in forever

not together

im single now

what a bummer

all i wanted was love was that too much to ask for?

i wanted to feel happy, like i could soar

but thats all gone for he threw me away

i guess he wanted something more

i cant get over it

not even just a little bit

for he broke my heart

and the pieces wont fit

for he took a part of me that i cannot replace

a piece that he loked up to keep safe

did he keep it or dump it?

im packing my stuff and shoving it in a suitcase

for i no longer exsist here

im running away far from here

this place is no longer my home

but i have to say 'i love you my dear'

im leaving this to tell you that i love you so much

and for that breakup ive lost more than enough

nothings important i need to get away

this may be easy or maybe tough

i dont want to rememberyou for it may just be my death

id rather burn in hell before in peace may i rest

for i wont rest in peace ive just been broken hearted but i know, its for the best

may you be happy with your new girlfriend of yours

dont let me ruin that, i want you to be happy of course

dont come after me for i am long gone

i wrote this before i left, i did my chores

i cleaned up the mess that you have made by making me dissapear

for i am not here

i love you... this is my final farewell to all of you out there

you wanted me gone so i did it for you

what else was i supossed to do

i couldnt just live without you..

by Marisa Pegler

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