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**just Tell Me Why....

Why do we go to the ones that leave us?
why do we walk away from the ones that love us?
when all beauty is infront of ours eyes..
we let what we could have say good bye....

We let jealousy get in the way..
our minds start playing tricks..
telling us what they might be doing..
when its simply just innocent..

Our minds trick us into thinking..
maybe one day she/he will finally change..
years go by.. where's the change?
all the wasted time..
thinkin its too late to say good-bye.

Why walk out on the love of your life?
When its ONCE in a lifetime...

Why Cheat? is there any use to that?
is hook ups the only thing around?
or is committed relationships died down...

I aint looking for forever..
but I'm not looking for love that cheats, nor lies..

wheres all the honest ppl in our lives? !
must we cheat and lie just to get what we want?
wheres the fair and square games around?


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one of my favs yep definitely
True we're so into looking for the perfect person that over think everything when we date. When we have to come to realise there is no perfect person for us. Just one who works best with us. Well done =)
i agree with them. such a beautiful poem.10+++
I love this poem.It is written well and very truthful at that
very nicely written. i totally agree with what your saying. its one of the many things that just dont make sense.