TA (27 july / nigeria)

Just Tell Me

I sit in the serenity of the night
Soft music playing in the back ground
My mind clogged with thots of u.
Flashes of Your adorable eyes haunting me
Your eyeballs as dark as chocolate
Yet I felt its swift glances through me at my every move
The feeling inside me deeper than words can explain
Yet so faraway from my reach
Just tell me what to do to draw u close to me.

Still in the serenity of the nights cool serenade
This feeling too poweful to be subdued
I seek the nicest words to write you
And your sensual lips I long to feel its tender brush against mine
Your smile feels so magical and endearing
I do not seek to flatter you
I'm only trying to pass a simple message
Even if I had them on mine for only a second
I will hold on to d memories until I finally make u mine
But I don't wanna lose the friendship
I am yet trying to build
Tell me what to do to quench this fire burning so fiercely inside of me

I patiently wait for the day when I would have your body close to mine.
That special moment when our bodies meet.
I Will adore your body and touch you in ways u have never been touched before.
Please forgive my uncouth words
Can't think of how best to pour my heart out to u. Can't carry this burden any longer unless I'd crumble.
Tell me what to do to win u over my Love.


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