AH (2/28/32 / Bronx, New York/ Now residing in Florida)

Just The Same

Even though you're not here, just the
same, I wish you a Happy New Year!
It's hard to fathom, so many years have
passed. Still, you're constantly thought
of. There's no doubt in my mind, you'll
be with me this night, surrounding me
with your love! You'll see me laugh and
smile, even have a ball, but whatever
you'll see on the outside, is not, what I'm
feeling, at all! Life goes on, as it has to.
If it didn't, where would I be? I'd hate to
think of the consequences and what
might have become, of me. Time is a
healer, it's true, but no matter how much
time may pass, I'll never, get over you!
If by chance you can hear me, I want you
to know I'm alright. As you can see, I'm
making a concerted effort, to have a
Happy New Year, tonight!

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