Just The Thought Of You

Just the thought of you
sends my mind reeling!
So young and full of life.
You are acquiring life's treasure,
while I am casting it off to hang
onto life itself and to pursue you.
I know it would never work out,
an April to December romance,
and I tell myself this everyday.
Still, I am intoxicated with the thought
that you might love me at least for a little while.

by William Jackson

Comments (8)

I am scared that one day he will tell me this... I know this one all to true within my life. very good. *Purkey Girl*
Great read, William, keep em coming!
How terribly romantic. Everyone experiences a love that should have never been...yet was always meant to be. Usually short and so sweet the taste shall never leave your lips. Another beautiful read... :) Bj
Short romance but a lasting memory. Well done William Patricia
Man... every body said what I was going to say. Exept for one thing: 'Awwwwwwwww'
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