Just The Way I Feel

Another days here
My thoughts are the same
I'm ready to end it
I'm tired of this game
My heart has been broken and I wish you could see
How much I love you
But you cannot love me
I miss your smile
I miss your touch
I miss your love
Thats what I need so much
I cant live without you and hope you understand
It kills me inside when your with another man
For better or worse is what we both said
Thats why living without I wish I were dead
And sooner than later it will come to pass
My life will be over
It will hurt no more
I say these last words as I hit the floor
Please don't forget me and help our daughter see
Why her daddy had to go away never again to see
Tell her I love her
And I always have
Tell her I'm sorry for making her grow up without her dad
And now in closing I hope you can see
When you had broken my heart what had happened to me

by Tim Wilfong

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