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Just Think

Dream not of today, but think of tomorrow
Think only of happiness and not of sorrow,
Think not of now, but think also of then
Dream not of losses, but think of a win.
Think not of tears, but think only of joy
Think not of of loosing, but think of glory,
Think not of dying, but think of living
Dream not of wanting dream of giving.
Think not of fighting think first by talking
Thing not of running think about walking,
Think not of begging think of earning
Dream not of quitting think of learning.
Think not of lies think only of the truth
Think not of rumors search instead for proof,
Think not of taking and think not of using
Dream of your deeds let that be your choosing.
Think not of hate think of hope and love
Think not of cheating and think not of lust,
Think not only of yourself think about others
Dream of our world we all are sisters and brothers.
Think not of stealing think of buying
Think not of giving up think first by trying,
Think from your soul think not by instinct
Dream first or dream last, but always think.

Randy L. McClave

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Edgar Allan Poe

Annabel Lee

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If only the world would listen to you..............but its a sad commentary! I love your positivity btw...Thanks for sharing this great thought..