Hot Noon

Sun- very much hot.
Neem leaf- burnt up, on the spot!
Birds' beak- opened up...

Dated: 1st June 2019.

by Pallab Chaudhury

Comments (4)

It's a highly inquisitive tool this grey matter thing - keeps us moving on, keeps causing new problems and keeps trying to solve them. Very worthwhile objects of contemplation to my mind Linda. But as someone said in a song 'there are more questions than answers'. Now, who was that? You keep thinking anyway Linda, because I'm running out of Linda Ori Poems would you believe! ! xx jim
Linda...The Human Mind is a mercurial network...and as we only tap a mere 8 - 12% of our God - giveth quotient level, there will be so much more that we are ignorant to than adroit.Great Piece of intriguing quality...frank
brain chatter...great term...linda...we do need to use our brains a lot...and a lot more as we grow older...i feel i am able to understand and retain more now than when i was
Wow that poem actually got me like really thinging. Great write, Marissa.