MS (09-18-1960 / winston-salem, n.c.)

Just Thinking About U, Continued

After my feet touched the floor,
I sat on the bed's edge staring at the fone.
The key pad plays a symphony 2 my ears that Bach nor Beethoven could have composed.
As a fone call resurrect the emotionally lonely!
But your line is busy!
Sadness overwhelms me,
u see like colored hair,
I wanted 2 reveal my true roots 2 u.
Wanting 2 tell u that 2 the world u r someone,
but 2 me u r my world.
When I am with u,
I wish I was a poet,
so when u hear my lyrical lines,
they would teleport u 2 a place...
Where soft vibes danced on the air,
as candlelite bathes the room.
While n'censes pleases your nose,
as rose petals soften your steps.
I call u sprite,
b'cause I obey the thirst I have 4 u.
When we r apart u'll never have 2 worry if there's another that can quench my thirst.
It's not only your anatomy that electrify me,
I love the way u can hold peoples attention during a conversation.
The way u can hold your own from the boardroom 2 the bedroom.
I see how people walk away with the warmth from your mind's fire.
I just want 2 tell u that everytime I close my eyes u come 2 mind like a sunrise 2 a morning.
Then the fone rings...
An a angel sings hello!
I tell u it's funny u should call,
I was...

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