Just Thought You Should Know, Expletive

how is it limiting oneself
conforming to a cage
is the ultimate sin?

if we are beasts of burden
i'd rather trade this scrawny soul
than watch it write and writhe
pink and indecent
skinny by the firelight

these keys of merriment can't contain
retyping as the soul exudes discipline
we may become more than mammals
even if our evolution
is not physical
but of the mind
we're but jokes
and laughable frauds

casting to our own images prophetic gesture
seeing in through the window
of a fabricated life no man can live
without dying too young to taste the flavour

we're a failed experiment.
there are moments of triumph
nestled among the rape and the killings
listless and parched from want of trying
a pale shadow creeping blood-soaked walls
a pro-euthenasia stance
a fist in the face of dumb youth
from the angry pensioner.

age old truths are saddening.
they stick around like sore thumbs
laughing at the pity
that we have a million solutions
and we'll find a million more
before we adhere to the right ones
which were as the midget occam
in collaboration with kefrans dream
were right
and easy
in theory.

just thought you should know, fucker.

by Gary Diamond

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