Just Thoughts

Like a shadow of mine,
i see you wherever i go.
I try hard and fail to keep up the anger
but all in vain, i cry deep within me

hiding it from my own shadow,
it reminds me of the days and love i have lost
how i wish all this could end
and have a peaceful sleep

all through the day, i see you right next,
comes the night and buries you deeper inside
oh how i regret everything that happened
waiting for a break...

by Srita Sri

Comments (3)

A nice poetic imagination, Srita. You may like to read my poem, Love and Lust. Thanks
it seems we are fighting to what is me...a reality that confronted with what is beyond of yourself...a feeling of nothing...a nothing to touch...but only a feeling of nothing at all...so nice.... poem...very something of your own.Thank you..God bless
wow.. good to see you write again.. :) Do not bury.. do not hide.. for the pain does not really go away.. simply intensifies.. God bless u.. Hope to see some more lovely poems soon.. :)