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Just Three Words
JPC (09/12/1959 / Macon, Georgia)

Just Three Words

I am euphoric
as I arrive at your place
with flowers in hand
to give you
after my big
premeditated announcement.

I know how significant this evening will be
and I am as nervous and jittery
as a schoolboy
about to walk out on stage
to star in his first play.

We sit down
shoulder to shoulder
on the expensive couch
you were left with
in your most recent
divorce settlement.
I say there are just three words
I really need to tell you.

I begin by saying:

Number one is 'I',
as you start to look nervous
because you know what else I'm going to say.

Number two is 'love',
as you shyly avert eye contact with me
because you feel the same way.

Number three is 'you',
as you begin to look extremely vulnerable
because you will make the same vow to me.

You tell me,
'There are four words that I probably
should have said to you a week or two ago.'

You begin and end by saying:

'I'm seeing another man.'

As my heart disintegrates
into my stomach
I feel like I'm floating
as my numb feet
carry me out the door
for the last time.

The roses
I had been holding
unknown to me
dropp from my hand
and cover the word
on your front porch doormat.

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Author's note: I have tried, on numerous occasions, to dropp the second 'p' off of the word 'Drop' and it won't dropp off, so it remains, to this day, 'Dropp'. At this point, I am just going to dropp the issue, otherwise I might dropp dead from exhaustion. If you have any thoughts on this, feel free to dropp me a line. Thanks for dropping by.
Wow. Crushing-this is a poem that strikes deep. Debi