JEG (August 16,1989 / Isabela, Basilan)

Just To Keep You

I was never been so gloomy inside.
I just can seem to understand the reason,
The feeling that I find that hides.
Deep in the recesses of my conviction.

I just seem to never want to face the reality,
A fact that seem to tell the hardest part,
That there is no possibly a “you and me”.
Yet its been breaking my heart.

Thinking that we can only be friends,
I just can’t afford to lose you.
The feelings I have to repress deeply,
I just don’t want to lose a friend like you.

I don’t want to find one day that you are gone.
Because of the emotions that I have unsuppressed.
I want you to stay with me and be a friend,
That can stay forever than love where it can end.

by Jean Eugene Guan

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It seems that your poems are about a certain person... Anyway they are nice.