Just To Leave It (Beyond Our Ears)

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

The coffee?
It has been brewed.
Ready to choose or refuse,
The sipping of it offered.
And whoever peeks,
Through a cracked...
And barely opened closeted door
Finds it difficult to resist,
The aromatic scent of it.
Once dismissed,
As having no evidence...
To produced the significance,
Of such a fabled myth.

'Sssshhh. Listen.
Did you hear what I heard? '

-I apologize.
Coffee gives me gas.-

'Thanks for sharing that.
But, no.
What I heard was a door.
Creaking slowly to open.
Followed by footsteps,
On the floor.
Coming towards us.
And getting closer as if...
Wanting not to be ignored.
Sssshhh...I wonder,
Could it be...? '

-A ghost haunting?
From the past?
Wishing to be sociable?
Perhaps? -

'I fear what I hear,
Is far more frightening.
As it nears.'

You've begun to stir up,
More of my gas to pass.'

'I sniff a confused.
And coming out of the closet,
Truth seeker.
The kind longing for it to get.
But too afraid to admit,
A wanting of it both ways.
Straight black.
AND sugared with some cream.'

-You know what they say?
Once addicted no one quits! -

'I suspect this listening ghost
Is not your average,
Truth seeker.'

-Oh? -

'I suspect this ghost to be,
More into tea.
With a wish,
To pour whatever it is...
We sip upon to spill.
With it to sneak...
And take somewhere else.
Like many do who deceive...
Whispering to others,
Nonsense just to leave believed
And this time...
Beyond our ears,
To hear the dishonesty of it.

-Is the ghost still there? -

'No! I'm sure it's gone.
But we won't know that...
Until we learn from the gossip,
What we did...
That didn't here go on.'

Is that a wish?
Or a private request,
Just to leave it as is...
Straight up.-

'What you talking 'bout? '

-The coffee!
You're not afraid another ghost
Might spread a truth,
We know not to be a lie.-

'You see the game,
Played the other day? '

I know,
You want me to say 'something',
About 'this' one.
Dontcha? -

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